June 01, 2004

Components Brochures

A list of components and documentation for those components.


  • Swecoin

    • 5250 -- 80 mm. Very reliable. Smaller form factor. Maximum diameter paper roll is six inches. Parallel interface. Being discontinued. 50mm/sec print speed.
    • 7000 : higher resolution 80mm and 112mm (4.4 inch paper width). 75mm print speed. Very smart. Same or less cost than 5000 series. Also has USB (same $ as parallel)
    • 8200 : wide thermal printer (8.5 inch). Also called A4 in Europe. Parallel interface. Takes 8 inch roll
    • ttp1020 : 58mm. Fast printer (100mm/sec). Loop presenter. parallel or USB.


  • Tally

    • The new Xpress T9114i and T9114n laser printers produce documents at 15 pages per minute with 1200 DPI quality-delivering best-in-class price/performance. Offering impressive paper handling with a maximum input capacity of 1200 sheets. PDF Brochure

  • Epson

    • The EU-T432 is fast, highly flexible and compact. It prints at 150mm a second, including complex graphics, while paper width, diameter and thickness can all be adjusted by terminal manufacturers. The unit offers easy maintenance and paper-loading, with access from the front. Ideal for kiosk applications such as lotteries and information terminals.
      Tech Specs

  • Custom Engineering

    • TG58 RS232 -- 58mm thermal [specs pdf]

      TG35/58-T has a paper tear-off and anti-paper jam system and it's easy for installation and fastening to the panel thanks to fireproof and shock resistant plastic frontal. High printing resolution 200dpi. TTL interface and RS232 cable adaptation, as optional. Print speed 42 mm. Max roll dimension: 70mm

  • Citizen

    • 80mm custom

Credit Card Readers

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