September 02, 2003

KIS and McDonalds

KIS delivering POS kiosks for McDonalds

McDonald's takes a closer step to self-serve
Updated: 7/25/2003 9:58 AM
By: Cle Pickett & Web Staff

If you've visited one McDonald's in Research Triangle Park lately, chances are you've been asked to place your own order and pay for it using a new high-tech kiosk.

"You see it everywhere, whether it's pay at the pump or self-checkout at the grocery stores, self check-in at airports so it's only natural that we would offer customers the option to place their order the way they would like at McDonald's as well," said McDonald.s representative Darnell Crews.

Seven Triangle McDonald's are testing out the self-service kiosk. How much customers use it and whether or not they like it will help the fast-food giant decide if the machine stays or goes.

"This is a very technologically savvy area and it's just a very nice fit we think to test something like this," said Crews.

And so far, the Triangle has given the kiosk a big thumbs up.


McDonald's takes a closer step to self-serve

Long lines could be a thing of the past at some Triangle McDonald's restaurants. Thanks to technology, customers can order and pay for their food at a click of a button.

Customer Melanie Lyons says she felt more in control of her order when she used the kiosk. "Just telling the person behind the counter what you want...sometimes they don't get it right,. the mother of two said.

Others say they got their order faster when they stood in line. "You've got the chicken nuggets, the Big Macs, the drinks everything just right there in front of you," said customer Lee Hopkins.

But not everyone thinks the kiosk is so cool. Jeffrey Pinnix would rather give his money to a person than a machine. "I hadn't seen a change machine yet that didn't give you trouble sooner or later,. said Pinnix. .It'll jam up and cause more trouble and frustration than just handing your money too somebody."

The self-serve menu

McDonald's expects to test the kiosks here in the Triangle for about three months. But it could be awhile before customers see them in stores across the country.

And, of course, McDonald's says it will continue to give customers the option of placing their orders the old-fashioned way.

Posted by Craig at September 2, 2003 03:23 PM