October 01, 2003

Digital Photography Kiosk Report Now Available!

KNO - KioskNews.Org: Digital Photography Kiosk Report Now Available!

Summit Research Associates, Inc., the leading consulting firm devoted to the kiosk and self-service industry, is proud to announce the publication of Kiosk Industry Sector Report - Digital Photography, their first report on one of the fastest-growing sectors in the kiosk arena. This sector has enormous potential. Why?
In 2003, more digital cameras will be sold than film cameras
Consumer digital photography is already a $1B business
Less than 4% of all digital pictures are ever printed
80 percent of all digital photos are printed at home but the cost of consumables is high and the print options are limited

This report examines the current status and opportunities for growth for these units that are benefiting from the rapid acceptance of digital cameras. More than a dozen of the world's leading photo kiosks were tested, using a methodology designed to provide the most level playing field. Each kiosk tested was evaluated as a Case Study and includes pictures of the unit itself along with an example of the user interface. The same test pictures-employing the same storage medium-were used at each kiosk and compared for output quality. A number of charts are included covering the leading digital storage media accepted, the types of peripherals used, the most popular editing features and the leading print options. Almost every photo kiosk manufacturer is represented in this report. They include Kodak, Fujifilm, Sony, Agfa, Pixel Magic Imaging and Konica.

Digital photography kiosks represent an area of enormous promise. But two critical questions must be answered: If you build it, will they (the customers) come and use it? And, just as important: If they come, will they be able to produce prints of their digital pictures? This report provides valuable insights into these issues, along with recommendations for maximizing revenue while minimizing the time spent at the kiosk.

The Case Studies are evaluated using Summit's extensive Photo Kiosk Evaluation Checklist, which presents an overview of each kiosk project. It includes descriptions of, the enclosure, signage, user interface, peripherals, digital storage media accepted, print options available, image editing capabilities and any special features that make this kiosk stand out. A detailed evaluation of the kiosk-both positive and negative-follows the checklist featuring pictures of the unit and a sample screenshot of the user interface.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. The Opportunity
III. Research Findings
IV. Testing Methodology
V. Evaluation Checklist and Descriptions
VI. Digital Photography Kiosk Case Studies
Applied Science Fiction
Pixel Magic Imaging
TouchPoint Solutions
VII. Appendix

Table of Figures
Figure 1. Leading Storage Media Used in Photo Kiosks
Figure 2. Print Options Offered in Photo Kiosks
Figure 3. Leading Editing Options Offered in Photo Kiosks
Figure 4. Leading Features Found in Photo Kiosks
Figure 5. First Test Picture
Figure 6. Second Test Picture
Figure 7. Photo Kiosk Evaluation Checklist
Figure 8. Agfa e-box
Figure 9. Agfa e-box Editing Interface
Figure 10. Applied Science Fiction DigiPIX Image Station
Figure 11. Applied Science Fiction DigiPIX Specialized Editing
Figure 12. Fujifilm Freestanding Aladdin Unit
Figure 13. Fujifilm Instructions for Printing all Pictures
Figure 14. Kodak PictureMaker PictureMaker Unit at Wal-Mart
Figure 15. Kodak PictureMaker Print Size Options
Figure 16. Konica Digital Input Station
Figure 17. Konica White Border Option
Figure 18. Lucidiom Touch Prints Unit
Figure 19. Lucidiom Payment Options
Figure 20. Noritsu CT-1 Digital Camera Terminal
Figure 21. Noritsu Print Selection
Figure 22. Photo-Me Digital Photo Kiosk
Figure 23. Photo-Me Print Enhancement
Figure 24. Pixel Magic Imaging iStation 100 Media Choices
Figure 25. Pixel Magic Imaging iStation 100 Images and Output Options
Figure 26. Pixel Magic Imaging iStation 200 Editing Options
Figure 27. Pixel Magic Imaging iStation 200 Customer Options
Figure 28. Polaroid Instant Digital Prints Kiosk
Figure 29. Polaroid Selection Options
Figure 30. Olympus True Print Kiosk
Figure 31. Olympus Print Style Options
Figure 32. Sony PictureStation at Kinko's
Figure 33. Sony PictureStation Media Choices
Figure 34. TouchPoint Solutions quickPIX Digital Photo & Film Processing Center
Figure 35. TouchPoint quickPIX Fun Stuff Editing Options

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