October 10, 2003

Casinos of Future

Casinos, gaming and kiosks in future.

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Casinos Of The Future
September 22,2003

Casinos 2020 A.D: Debit cards, Smart cards, interactive kiosks are common thing in all Casinos in the future. Nearly 8 out of 10 senior casino executives surveyed for the American Gaming Association's first Future Watch survey believe technology will totally or significantly change the casino floor in the next 15 years. All the survey respondents said slot machines would become 100 percent cashless.

Casino operators are also yielding the benefits of technology and Internet. They can scrap an under performing game and download a new casino game from the vendor into the hundreds of physical slots through a wireless intranet link all in minutes - eliminating the need to replace the physical unit.

Gamblers will play through a bank card, in which wins and losses will be tallied through a checking or savings account, or a smart card, in which gamblers deposit funds that are downloaded onto a magnetic-stripe card.

Slot machines soon could function like videogame devices that remember where a player last left off in his quest to attain a certain point or reward level. Bonuses, or extra games within the slot machines, will become more personalized and integrated into the primary slot game.

Slot machines will become more flexible, with one unit offering gamblers a variety of denominations and games at the touch of a button.

The Casinos will follow the market technology trends and not vice versa say the experts.

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