November 17, 2003

Next-Generation Secure Encrypting PINpad for Magnetic Stripe and Smart Cards

MagTek, Inc., a global leader in electronic payment technology, today announced the release of the IntelliPIN(R) SPT, MagTek's next-generation secure encrypting PINpad with magnetic stripe and smart card capability.

CARSON, Calif., Nov 14, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MagTek, Inc., a global leader in electronic payment technology, today announced the release of the IntelliPIN(R) SPT, MagTek's next-generation secure encrypting PINpad with magnetic stripe and smart card capability. The IntelliPIN SPT includes our new "swipe-and-park" design, a card-present sensor, and a range of new security and user interface enhancements to the extensive MagTek feature set found in earlier MagTek PINpad products.

MagTek developed the secure IntelliPIN SPT for financial services, point-of-sale, and other applications where there is a need for PIN capability combined with magnetic stripe and smart card versatility. "Smart card technology is already pervasive throughout Europe and Asia, and its presence in the US market continues to grow slowly," said Sarah Irato, MagTek's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We developed the IntelliPIN SPT to incorporate the latest encryption technology with a combined magnetic stripe/smart card reader that meets all the latest smart card standards, while preserving customer convenience and ease of use with any payment card."

By enabling the magnetic stripe and smart card data to be read with a single swipe-insert movement, the "swipe and park" design is the most consumer-friendly way to provide dual-mode capability. The "swiping" movement first allows the magnetic stripe data to be read and the "parking" of the card triggers an electronic sensor ensuring the card is properly seated and present through the completion of the transaction. This allows the reader to be used seamlessly for magnetic stripe or smart card transactions, making the mode transparent to the cardholder and eliminating the need for any mode setting by the operator.

The IntelliPIN SPT is housed in a tamper-resistant security module (TRSM). For security, the IntelliPIN SPT supports the latest applicable standards, including single and triple DES encryption, RSA/PKI smart card security, and an application authentication protocol. Its user interface represents a significant upgrade over earlier IntelliPIN products, including a backlit 64 x 128 graphical LCD capable of displaying 8 lines of 21 characters. To aid users with visual impairments and to improve accuracy for all users, the keypad has been redesigned with large, characteristically shaped ENTER and CANCEL keys, improved tactile feel (including a reference indicator on the "5" key), and audible feedback. Keypad durability has been significantly improved by molding the characters directly into the keycaps.

Rated for 1,000,000 swipes, ergonomically designed, and small enough to be placed even where space is at a premium, the IntelliPIN SPT can be integrated easily into almost any existing electronic payment processing setup. "MagTek is proud to carry on our tradition of innovation with the IntelliPIN SPT," said Annmarie D. "Mimi" Hart, MagTek's Chairman and President. "MagTek's vision and strength continue to ensure that we are at the head of the curve when it comes to the latest data and security standards for electronic payments. MagTek products are the most reliably designed electronic payment processing components on the market."

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Prospective customers are invited to visit or contact Andy Deignan, Business Unit Manager, Financial Products at 800-421-5208; x6603 [email protected] or John Arato, Business Unit Manager, Retail Products at 800-421-5208; x6611 [email protected]

About MagTek, Inc.

Since 1972, MagTek has been a world leader in electronic transaction technology, from magnetic stripe card readers and writers to high-accuracy MICR check readers, secure PIN issuance and cardholder verification systems. The company's products and components are in use today at point-of-sale (POS) and back-office locations in thousands of companies around the world; incorporated into kiosks and ATMs, banking customer service terminals, custom retail POS terminals, and restaurant and hospitality equipment.

Recent MagTek innovations have included MICR check readers/scanners to meet the growing demand for check conversion, encrypting PINpads with magstripe and smart card capability, high-reliability motorized card encoding technology, USB-enabled interface readers and PINpads, an integrated customer PIN selection and management system, and hybrid magnetic-stripe/smart card reader/writer technology. MagTek has been a leading proponent of electronic payment standards for over three decades. MagTek has 250 employees at its Carson, California headquarters, and sales offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, with independent distributors in over 40 countries.


A photo of the MagTek IntelliPIN SPT is available online at or from Barry Shoultz (651-653-0849).

Photo Cutline: Mag-Tek's IntelliPIN SPT PINpad is ergonomically designed with innovative features providing next-generation security for magnetic stripe and smart card encryption.

SOURCE: MagTek, Inc.

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