November 25, 2003

Hobbyists Get Kiosks

Woodcraft offers digital 'Toolbox' -- Crafty types can find over 14,000 products

PEORIA - The Peoria Woodcraft store has been chosen as one of just six Woodcraft stores nationwide to pilot a new kiosk program.

Company executives chose Peoria to debut the program mainly because of an intense interest in woodworking displayed by Peoria area residents, company officials said.

The new fast-service kiosk, offering more than 14,000 products, has been installed in the Peoria Woodcraft store, located at 4530 N. Brandywine Drive.

Woodworkers, craftspeople and hobbyists in the area now will have more tools and supplies available than ever before, said Phil Fifield, store owner.

"The new touch-screen kiosk triples the amount of woodworking products available to our customers and makes it easy to special order custom items," Fifield said.

Named "The Woodcraft Endless Toolbox," the new touch-screen kiosk allows the option of having selected products delivered to a home or to the Woodcraft store for pickup.

"Interest levels of people in the Peoria area are extremely diverse when it comes to woodworking," Fifield said.

To operate the kiosk, a customer selects the products desired on the touch screen electronic catalog located within the kiosk. A printout then is provided to the customer that he or she takes to the sales register to pay for the product.

"The real beauty of the program is that now we've put more than 14,000 unique products at the fingertips of Peoria-area woodworkers that they couldn't previously get when visiting our store," Fifield said.

In its 75th year, Woodcraft Supply Corp. offers top quality woodworking supplies, materials and tools. The company sells through direct mail catalogs, a Web site store and at more than 60 retail stores nationwide.

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Posted by Craig at November 25, 2003 03:04 PM