December 04, 2003

CVS, Walgreens announce new digital photo printing services

Looking to further tap into the growing digital camera segment, both CVS and Walgreens on Wednesday announced new digital photo printing services.

CVS plans to introduce in early 2004 mobile image printing capabilities at its Kodak Picture Maker kiosks in more than 3,000 stores nationwide. The new service will enable mobile camera phone users to bean their images to the kiosk using Bluetooth or Infrared technologies. Customers can then edit, enhance and print their photos.

Earlier this year, CVS announced that the Kodak Picture Maker kiosks enabled digital camera users to produce photo-quality prints from digital media, including camera cards, CDs and disks.

Walgreens announced that it now offers standard, 4x6 prints from digital cameras for 29 cents eachthe same price as prints from traditional filmat all Walgreens stores.

To order digital prints at Walgreens, customers insert their cameras memory card into the Walgreens digital photo center, select which photos to print and present their receipt to the photo specialist. The order can be processed in as little as one hour, the retailer stated.

Customers also have the option of editing their photos at the digital photo center, including retouching red eye, cropping and zooming.

Walgreens has been testing the service for about a year at various store locations, and now offers the service at more than 4,200 stores nationwide, said Michael Polzin, a Walgreens spokesman.

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Posted by Craig at December 4, 2003 02:54 PM