December 11, 2003

Voting Systems Go Linux

AccuPoll announces linux voting system.

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AUSTIN, CA, December 8, 2003-(LinuxElectrons)-AccuPoll (OCTBB: ACUP) is the technology leader in electronic voting systems. The company stated today that its new multi-lingual, electronic voting system combines the transparency of touch screen input with the documentation of a voter-verified, printed-paper record and the inherent security of a Linux based system.

"The choice of voting systems to purchase is simple, the AccuPoll system is in its final certification process. The system will be one of the most technologically advanced, federally certified, electronic voting systems with a voter verified paper printout available today, stated Frank Wiebe, president of AccuPoll.

The versatile system offers many features that provide strong security measures and increases the voting record accuracy. The Linux-based system is affordable due to non-proprietary hardware and open source software that reduces costs. Eliminating costly pre-printed ballots also generates savings by reducing paper waste.

The AccuPoll system satisfies all the requirements of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 including the use of provisional ballots and hand counting of ballots (manual audit). The system also meets the accessibility requirements for disabled voters and will support a variety of commonly used languages as required under the Voting Rights Act. Ballots can also be completed by means of audio headphones and keypad for the visually impaired.

The voting station transparently guides voters through the voting process. Votes are confirmed via an on-screen acknowledgement and by a paper Proof of Vote printed by the voting station. A voter is warned if there are blank voting sections and it will not allow overvoting.

Once the vote is cast, the AccuPoll system provides an independent, voter verifiable audit trail thats recorded simultaneously in multiple locations in both electronic and paper form.

About AccuPoll Holding Corp.
AccuPoll (OCTBB: ACUP) is the developer of electronic voting systems that will be federally certified and has the support of many voters, election officials, and special needs advocates in the United States with its new approach to recording and counting votes. Combining touch screen input with the confidence of a voter verified printed-paper record; AccuPoll allows voters to see their vote recorded and creates a permanent paper audit trail of the election as mandated in the "Help America Vote Act of 2002."

AccuPoll works with all levels of government to insure the integrity, security and accuracy of elections. AccuPoll makes every vote count by counting every vote. For additional information, visit

Posted by Craig at December 11, 2003 12:17 AM