December 11, 2003

Photo Kiosks

Nokia and Fujifilm offer in-store mobile phone prints

hursday December 11, 2003

Because it uses a removable Multimedia Memory Card as its storage media, digital snaps from the new Nokia 6600 camera phone can be printed via in-store photo kiosks. Nokia and Fujifilm have announced a deal designed to entice consumers to sample this new functionality - purchasers of the Nokia 6600 are being offered 10 free prints per month from a Fujifilm Digital Photo Center (DPC) kiosk for a 12-month period.

Nokia 6600

In-store prints via MMC

Nokia General Manager - Australia, Alexander Lambeek, expects do-it-yourself DPC kiosks are set to make a major impact in Australia next year.

"Already in the United States, an estimated 50,000 photographic kiosks have been installed, Mr Lambeek said.

The Nokia 6600's integrated camera features include video capture and 2 x Zoom functionality for both stills and movies. Web browsing and email; is suppirted via the 2.1", 65,536 colours TFT display and a 32MB Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) is sold as standard with the package.Wireless Connectivity includes Bluetooth2 wireless technology and Infrared.

Fujifilm DPC

The Fujifilm DPC also caters for prints transferred via Infrared - follow the links below to learn more.

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