December 29, 2003

KIS Newsletter

December 23 - newsletter posted to newsgroup

December 11, 2003

Welcome to the KIS monthly newsletter!

Keeping up with the self-service kiosk industry is not an easy task. With news from KIS (the market leader) we hope to serve the community.

Some un-official KIS news we can share:

  • Two weeks ago, on national stage with the Today Show on NBC, Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore
    announced the new Pet Ark project (with the help of KIS).

  • KIS scored another major win for new kiosks in a very large home improvement chain.

  • Do the acronyms DHS and/or GSA mean anything to you? They mean something to Pete Snyder with KIS. Pete is coordinating
    our programs in this area. If you are interested please contact Pete at [email protected]

  • In August, Craig Keefner, the founder of, joined the crew here in Colorado. Craig is currently
    putting together a Certified Solution Partner program (CSP) which encompasses Software, Hardware and Consulting services solutions that KIS offers. If interested, you can contact Craig at [email protected]

  • KIS recently added new offices in New York (Manhattan), Dallas, San Diego and Minneapolis.

  • We released our first software product specifically for the Retail POS markets with our javaPOS drivers (1.7 latest version). JavaPOS is the next generation OPOS.

  • Recreational News: PR Newswire and Thomson Financial held an invitational golf tournament which KIS won with an unbelievable 20
    under par 52.

If you are considering a kiosk project and would like to see what our CSP program can do for you, click here. Our multi-stage qualification form will start the process. Or email [email protected] and we can set up an interview. Projects ranging from 1 unit to 10,000 units qualify.

Visit our corporate site at for the latest on our products and services as well as our special features such as our Frequently Asked Questions, Photo Kiosks, Interactive Kiosks and Outdoor Kiosk Tips. We also have new updated brochures you can request.

Industry Trivia:

1978: 8086 release by Intel

1985: 386 delivered

1987: Francie Mendelsohn of Summit wins a Mazda on tv gameshow.

1988: 1st touchscreen driver for Windows

1991: 1st kiosk displayed at Comdex

1993: KIS is founded

1995: Los Alamos delivers report on Kiosks (Dell Dimension used as test bed)

1997: 1st KioskCom show in NY

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Posted by Craig at December 29, 2003 04:27 PM