February 17, 2004

Windows Tricks

Simple way to kill Windows Explorer and run dedicated task

I was sent this simple trick of how to kill Windows Explorer.

"Access Start->Shutdown, then while holding CTRL-ALT-SHIFT, left click on CANCEL. This will kill Windows Explorer, leaving a system where you can only access the last application you used. Great for Internet Cafe's and libraries, since you cannot access the TaskBar, StartMenu, Desktop or anything else."

The way back is to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to get up the Task Manager, New Task, type in "Explorer", but with a limited keyboard it might work for you.
Posted by timdaw at February 17, 2004 12:36 PM

KNO - KioskNews.Org: Cheap Trick

Posted by Craig at February 17, 2004 09:51 PM