March 10, 2004

Virgin and Music

Online Music Field To Get Another Player

March 8, 2004 (12:09 p.m. EST)
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The crowded online music field will get a little more packed this summer, with the entry of Virgin Group Ltd. The firm, a new creation of Richard Branson, is scheduled to unveil a full-featured service that will provide online music on a monthly, single-song, or album basis.

Branson is counting on his Virgin Megastores to provide kiosks for the downloading of music. According to press reports, MusicNet will provide the service for Virgin. One observer noted that the Virgin mobile-phone operation might figure into the mix. The market is already crowded with several competing online music suppliers, led by Apple Computer's iTunes.

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To Get Another Player

Posted by Craig at March 10, 2004 05:58 PM