March 16, 2004

MyCokeMusic music download site pop-ular

Sugary, vile-tasting international soda pop behemoth Coca-Colas recently launched music download site has turned into something of a success after all.

The company says that as of yesterday, there had been over 700,000 visitors to - aimed at UK customers - since its late January launch, with around 10,000 single and album downloads being sold every week.

The achievement is in marked contrast to the near flop at launch, when visitors to the site could not actually visit the download page due to a bug in the sites system. In the first week, the site received 185,000 hits.

Visitors to the site can buy music singles for between 80p and 90p, depending on the credit package they sign up for, with albums priced at between 6.40 and 7.99.

Since the launch, the company has been promoting the service on cans and bottles of the dark, fizzy drink. Critics of the service complain that the sole available download format is Microsofts WMA, and not MP3 or Apples AAC, and that there is little interactivity functionality.

Some users have also complained that the site has trouble running in any other browser than Internet Explorer.

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Posted by Craig at March 16, 2004 11:08 PM