April 05, 2004

Loudeye Powers First Web-Enabled and Wireless In-Store Media Kiosk

Synergy Media Group's TouchStand(TM) Media Kiosk Demonstrates the Scalability and Flexibility of Loudeye's Digital Media Solutions in Delivering Millions of Digital Music Clips Wirelessly Around the Count

SEATTLE, April 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Loudeye Corp. (Nasdaq: LOUD - News), the worldwide leader in business-to-business digital media solutions, today announced it has partnered with Synergy Media Group to provide digital music distribution services for Synergy's TouchStand Media Kiosk, the industry's only web-enabled, in-store media kiosk to provide digital music content, retailer-defined top seller lists, in-depth content searches, consumer data mining and point-of-sale, among other functions, for brick-and-mortar music retailers.

Under the agreement, Loudeye is providing digital music clips from more than 3.2 million songs delivered wirelessly to TouchStand Media Kiosks, which were introduced today in a related announcement by Synergy Media Group. For the project, Loudeye created a custom music archive that is expected to grow to more than 4 million tracks later this year. The digital audio content enables TouchStand users to easily preview tracks of their choice in a brick-and-mortar environment, either by searching the TouchStand database or scanning the UPC code from a physical CD across a barcode reader on the TouchStand kiosk.

TouchStand Media Kiosks offer retailers an easy-to-use sales and marketing system for driving in-store music sales, building relationships with consumers, gaining valuable data on consumer music purchasing behavior and differentiating themselves in the physical music retail business. TouchStand Media Kiosks provide digital music clips from more than 3.2 million songs, retailer defined top seller lists, in-depth content searches, consumer data mining, email and mailing list management, labor free point of sale, and automatic content updating in one integrated, custom branded package.

"The TouchStand Media Kiosk offers music retailers a comprehensive solution and powerful marketing tool to help drive customer retention, competitive advantage and increase music sales," said Michael Fitts, CEO of Synergy Media Group and co-creator of TouchStand. "Loudeye proved to be a valuable partner in providing digital audio content to enable a key feature of the kiosks, while offering the potential of unlocking future functions including digital downloads. By working with Loudeye, we were able to rapidly go to market with this product, ensure it is constantly updated with new release material and meet the key feature demands from our retail partners."

"As brick-and-mortar retailers look to enhance their in-store customer experiences by blending the traditional packaged product and digital worlds, products like TouchStand will be at the forefront of driving this important evolution," said Jeff Cavins, Loudeye's president and chief executive officer. "Our solutions were designed with the knowledge that digital media would rapidly spread to new devices, applications and experiences, requiring flexible distribution systems that can support these emerging business models. TouchStand represents an innovative product with the potential for future enhancements to drive further value to music retailers and consumers."

About Loudeye Corp.

Loudeye is the worldwide leader in business-to-business digital media solutions and the outsourcing provider of choice for companies looking to maximize the return on their digital media investment. Loudeye combines innovative products and services with the world's largest music archive and the industry's leading digital media infrastructure enabling partners to rapidly and cost effectively launch complete, customized digital media stores and services. For more information, visit www.loudeye.com.

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Synergy Media Group has been providing the media and entertainment industry with innovative approaches to promotion, marketing, distribution and retail technology since 1991. SMG's team of professionals brings extensive experience in all areas of the music industry including retail; distribution; major and independent label management; radio promotion; press & publicity; marketing; internet services; database management; and cutting edge technology product development.

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