April 05, 2004

Photo print activity

prints made at self-service kiosks in photo stores rose 535 percent

From NY Times

Cutting Up Digital Photos

Published: April 5, 2004

he number of rolls of film developed in the United States in 2003 fell 6 percent, the third successive year of declines.

But that does not mean that photofinishers are necessarily filled with gloom. The digital cameras that have induced films decline have also brought photofinishers some new business.

Theres more optimism because a lot of things have come into play in the last 12 months, said Gary Pageau of the Photo Marketing Association. While home printing remains the most popular way for amateurs to convert their digital images to paper, an increasing number of unsophisticated digital camera users do not want to bother with doing it themselves. They are turning instead to a variety of services offered by photofinishers. This January, for example, the number of prints made at self-service kiosks in photo stores rose 535 percent compared with the same month a year earlier.

Mr. Pageaus group estimates that within three years, digital prints made by photofinishers will overtake home printing. A big challenge for the industry is just to get people to print their digital pictures, Mr. Pageau said.

Any printing is better than no printing.


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