April 12, 2004

Oklahoma Wayfinders

Officials Say 'Wayfinding' System To Make Downtown Navigation Easier

POSTED: 5:47 pm CDT April 9, 2004
UPDATED: 7:28 pm CDT April 9, 2004

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City officials said Friday that they have started installing a system of about 100 signs to help pedestrians and drivers find their way around downtown Oklahoma City.

According to city officials, the wayfinding system will provide simple directions to various destinations, landmarks and attractions and will complement previously existing street signs.

The first two signs were installed Thursday on Walker Avenue in front of City Hall and on Hudson Avenue south of Robert S. Kerr Avenue. 45 vehicular signs and 22 pedestrian signs are ready for installation in the coming weeks, according to city spokeswoman Karen Farney.

Farney also said a network of 27 kiosks will be installed to provide detailed visitor information. The kiosks will be installed in late summer after a series of special maps is finished.

City leaders said the system will help visitors locate popular destinations such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial, Bricktown and the Arts District.

Wayfinding replaces the typical city hodge-podge of unrelated signs with a unified system, said City Manager Jim Couch. People cant be expected to navigate downtowns by relying on unfamiliar street names and addresses.

Drivers who exit Interstate 40 and Interstate 235 will be able to see the signs upon entering downtown.

Oklahoma City voters approved the signs in December 2000 during a special bond issue election.

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