April 29, 2004

Prepaid Music Cards

Musicmatch Introduces Prepaid Music Cards; Vesta Corp. and AT&T PrePaid Web Cents Enable Musicmatch To Reach Millions of Music Fans Through Retail Distribution Channels

INDIAN WELLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 28, 2004--Musicmatch Inc., a leader in personalized music software and services, announced today at RetailVision that it will introduce Musicmatch Music Download Cards at retail outlets nationwide starting this June.

Musicmatch is working with Vesta, and using AT&T Prepaid Web Cents(R) service, to facilitate the distribution, activation and redemption of the Musicmatch Music Download Cards through AT&T's extensive retail relationships. Three different music download cards will be available, including those featuring 10 music tracks for $9.90, 15 music tracks for $14.85 and 20 music tracks for $19.80. Once the card is purchased, tracks can be redeemed from Musicmatch Downloads, one of the most popular digital music stores today.

"By offering Musicmatch Music Download Cards at retail, we're empowering customers, including those who do not own credit cards, to buy music easily, conveniently and everywhere," said Mike Matey, Musicmatch vice president of consumer marketing. "We are very excited to work with Vesta and the AT&T PrePaid Web Cents Service on our new prepaid music card program, as the relationship further expands Musicmatch's reach through the retail channel and ensures a great customer experience through proven technologies."

Musicmatch Music Download Cards will be activated immediately as they are purchased and scanned at the register. Once cards are activated, cardholders simply enter in their codes and choose from a catalog of more than 550,000 tracks to download music of their choice at Musicmatch Downloads (www.musicmatch.com). The AT&T PrePaid Web Cents distribution and sales team adds point of sale activation capability to Musicmatch Music Download Cards through its diverse network of retailers, and Vesta Corp. manages the transactions.

"Retail distribution will help Musicmatch expand their customer base tremendously," said Rocky Scales, vice president of sales and marketing at Vesta Corp. "Prepaid cards not only make great gifts, but also allow consumers without credit cards, such as teenagers, to purchase and legally download music online."

Musicmatch Downloads

Musicmatch Downloads offers the easiest way to find, buy and enjoy music that matches each individual's unique taste. Through full integration with Musicmatch Jukebox, Musicmatch Downloads brings together an entire music collection -- including newly purchased downloads -- in one place for simple enjoyment and powerful music management. Musicmatch Downloads lets consumers instantly buy tracks for 99 cents each and $9.99 for most albums.

About Vesta

Vesta is the leader in stored value solutions. Uniquely suited to stimulate customer loyalty in the telecom, financial services and retail industries, Vesta's solutions are designed to support credit card-not-present (CNP) transactions requiring real-time customer authentication and account recharge. For over seven years, the company's proprietary transaction management solutions have maximized revenue and provided secure, convenient stored value account services for customers of American Airlines, AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, MasterCard, NextEstate, Sprint, Verizon and others. Vesta has been ranked as one of America's fastest growing private technology companies by Inc, Fast Company, and Deloitte & Touche, and was recognized by the Computerworld Honors program for technological advancements. For more information on Vesta Corp. visit www.trustvesta.com or email [email protected]

About AT&T

For more than 125 years, AT&T (NYSE:T) has been known for unparalleled quality and reliability in communications. Backed by the research and development capabilities of AT&T Labs, the company is a global leader in local, long distance, Internet and transaction-based voice and data services.

About Musicmatch

Musicmatch Inc. is a leader in personalized music software and services, helping people find, manage, enjoy and buy music that best matches their unique tastes. The company invented the digital jukebox concept in 1997 and since then has registered more than 50 million users of its best-selling Musicmatch Jukebox. The Musicmatch Radio network, launched in 2000, features the world's most popular Internet radio station, Artist MATCH(TM) Radio. The Musicmatch Downloads service, offering more than 550,000 songs, is the easiest way to find, buy and enjoy music. For additional information, visit www.musicmatch.com.

Musicmatch(R) is a registered trademark of Musicmatch Inc.

Artist MATCH(TM) is a trademark of Musicmatch Inc.

Musicmatch Introduces Prepaid Music Cards; Vesta Corp. and AT&T PrePaid Web Cents Enable Musicmatch To Reach Millions of Music Fans Through Retail Distribution Channels

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