June 10, 2004

Photo Kiosk

Photo facility comes to town

Photo facility comes to town Jun 9 2004

Stratford has been chosen as one of 10 major tourist destinations to pilot the first Digital Photo Kiosks.

The kiosk, in the Corus Hotel, will let digital camera users process their pictures straight away and deliver them anywhere in the world.

Touchscreen terminals will allow users to edit and order prints and CDs of their pictures.

It means digital camera users do not have to stop snapping and miss out on those important moments when they reach the limit of their memory card.

Customers insert their camera memory card or CD into the terminal to copy their files which are not deleted from their camera media card.

During the six month trial BT will also be running a series of promotional offers.

Paul Hendron, director of BT Payphones, said: "This is the fastest growing and most exciting branch of photography. This new service is fantastic and is easy to use, handy and timesaving."

Other pilot areas include Luton Airport and London's Hyde Park.

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