June 14, 2004

Prepaid in C-Stores

7-Eleven to distribute prepaid Musicmatch cards

7-Eleven to distribute Musicmatch cards
Musicmatch Inc., a provider of personalized music software and services, reports the immediate availability of Musicmatch Music Download Cards at thousands of participating 7-Eleven Inc. c-stores nationwide. The distribution is being enabled by a partnership with Vesta Corporation.

The Musicmatch cards are priced at $9.90 for 10 songs. Once purchased, the cards can be easily redeemed through the Musicmatch Downloads service, which currently offers more than 550,000 tracks as well as other features.

"Musicmatch and Vesta have provided us with an easy and effective way to bring digital music to the masses in a prepaid format," says Kevin Elliott, vp of merchandising for 7-Eleven Inc., "which is especially attractive to a new generation of young consumers looking to buy music without the need for credit cards."

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Posted by Craig at June 14, 2004 03:42 PM