August 12, 2004

RFID XML Printers

Zebra launches XML-enabled RFID printer

Friday August 6, 2004

A new XML-enabled RFID printer/encoder has been launched by on-demand specialty printing solutions firm Zebra Technologies to help reduce the complexity of integrating RFID technology into existing enterprise systems.

The firm's new R110Xi bar code and RFID smart label printing solution uses XML (eXtensible Markup Language) as a common standard data format, making it quick and easy for other systems to interface with it. This article is copyright 2004

The unit was specifically designed for companies using ERP, warehousing and supply chain/logistics software, such as those offered by Oracle and SAP. These software solution providers are also developing XML-based platforms to support clients that need to meet RFID compliance mandates and other business improvement initiatives.

Simpler integration
"The R110Xi removes layers of integration complexity, and is an example of our commitment to co-developing innovative solutions with leading enterprise software developers," explained Stuart Itkin, vice president of marketing for Zebra. "By providing embedded support for an XML data feed, we can deliver an affordable and tightly integrated compliance path that reduces expenditure on middleware and server hardware while providing flexibility for integration and interoperability."

XML is increasingly being used as a flexible data format for the exchange of data between applications, hardware peripherals, and trading partners, and is now being seen by many as a reliable data standard for business-to-business and application-to-application transactions, gaining ground in EDI, ERP, and manufacturing systems.

Printing demands
According to Zebra, such applications are driving the need for a simple, flexible, and efficient interface to on-demand printer technology. XML-enabling these devices offers a relatively quick way of integrating bar code and RFID label printing into enterprise systems (such as warehouse management and supply chain applications), and can help eliminate or reduce the costs associated with middleware, licensing, print servers and maintenance fees.

"XML is a practical and affordable solution for providing interoperability across global platforms and systems. The open platform functionality in Zebra's bar code and RFID printers can integrate to the SAP RFID solution," commented Amar Singh, vice president of global business development for SAP.

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Source: Zebra Technologies Corp.

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