September 15, 2004

Music Downloads

Music download spawns new business

Making waves in music download

DENVER - Unlike most download music sites, Denver-based DiscLogic seeks to empower the artist.

DiscLogic is a music download provider for artists, record labels, music distributors and other entertainment companies. The company provides musicians with the means to sell their music directly to their fans. The company will be at Telluride Blues and Brews festival this weekend digitally recording live sets.

"We maintain a central online store that allows music fans to preview music before buying the download," said Doug Rayburn. "We also develop branded online download stores for our music partners that can be integrated into their own Web site."

Music fans can log on to, browse its catalog of over 1,000 albums and download tracks using DiscLogic's cutom-built download utility.

"They can choose from one of four high quality music formats and are free to burn the music to a CD or copy the music to a portable music player like an iPod in addition to listening to it on their computer," said Charlie Winski.

DiscLogic features over 800 different artists through contracts with record labels, distributors and the artists themselves. Featured artists include moe., Umphrey's McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Soulive and Mike Gordon. The company has also recorded at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, High Sierra Music Festival and will be recording Jam Cruise, a jam band celebration at sea on a Carnival Cruise line ship.

"It's not just about the artists, which is something I will rarely say. We feature record labels, large and small, and festivals all across the country. So we are as much a community for all those that are a part of the music environment at large as we are about the artists themselves," said Paul Edwards.

While working together at DataPlay in Boulder, DiscLogic founding members Rayburn, Winski and Todd May visualized a company that would serve as a download portal for all live music. They began building the infrastructure of the company in May of 2002, using their love of music and technology as a guide. Rayburn and Winski's strengths reside in technology, and May has been professionally playing the drums for over 15 years. Edwards came on board last summer and has helped DiscLogic sign numerous deals through his music contacts, formed after running two clubs in North Carolina.

"We would like to become a well-known and well-respected company within the music industry. We want all fans of live music to regularly come to our site to find the latest and greatest live music available on the Internet," Rayburn said.

Music downloads are gaining popularity fast, but CD sales are not going to stop entirely anytime soon, Rayburn said. There will always be music lovers who want a packaged product. DiscLogic is currently working on a partnership that will offer its live music catalog to customers as downloads or CDs that are shipped to them or purchased at a retail store.

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