October 01, 2004

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Sony digital chief Cartwright leaves to form own start-up

Staff, Brand Republic 08:00 30-09-2004
LONDON - The head of Sony Music's new-media division, Neil Cartwright, is leaving the company after seven years to set up his own business.

Cartwright, head of e-media at Sony, has been at the music giant since 1997 where he has overseen the development of its digital strategy, from internet sites through to digital music downloads.

His new company Million Media will concentrate on the supply of digital content, mostly entertainment focused, to mobile phone networks, interactive kiosks and Wi-Fi networks.

Million Media already has three clients on its books, Cartwright said, including Third Space Media, the mobile strategic agency, and SNM Group.

Cartwright originally started off at Sony building websites for the group in its communications department, and moved up swiftly to head up a whole department dedicated to maximise the opportunities offered to Sony via all digital media platforms, not just the internet.

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