October 14, 2004

Google Search

Google launched their new desktop technology. I have installed it and it is very good and has helped already. desktop.google.com


America Online is rumored to be developing a desktop search application. So are Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. And Google has beaten them all to market. The company this morning uncrated Google Desktop Search, a thin-client app that allows Windows users (C'mon guys, how bout a little love for OS X?) to search e-mail in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (not Gmail??), chat threads in AOL Instant Messenger, and Microsoft Office documents, all via a Web browser. It's a slick little application -- one that clearly shows Google marshalling its forces to challenge Microsoft's ownership of the computer desktop.

Microsoft too is working on improving its search utility. The company's perpetually-delayed Longhorn version of Windows will someday offer a better PC file search. Someday. "Microsoft has to be worried,'' said Jupiter Research senior analyst Joe Wilcox. "If Microsoft can do the research and catch up, then anything can happen. ... Microsoft can improve search in two years. But if people are already using Google, it will be hard to get them to change."

Danny Sullivan, a search industry pundit and editor of SearchEngineWatch.com, agreed noting that Google's got a bit more than first-mover advantage going for it. "They've not only beat their rivals to the punch, they've also changed the rules," Sullivan told News.com. "They're saying, 'We're not making search part of the operating system, we're making the desktop part of Google."

Posted by Craig at October 14, 2004 09:35 PM