October 27, 2004

HR and Casinos

Station Casinos, Inc. has successfully automated its recruiting process

[October 26, 2004]

JobFlash Enables Station Casinos, Inc. to Hire High Quality Employees, Fast!

LAS VEGAS & SAN JOSE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Oct. 26, 2004 -- JobFlash, Inc., an award-winning pioneer of Voice Recruiting, today announced that Station Casinos, Inc. has successfully automated its recruiting process through its deployment of JobFlash. The hotel and casino chain is hiring better quality employees at a lower cost, while having implemented standardized and objective hiring criteria.

"The immediate impact of launching JobFlash was the significant improvement in the quality of applicants that my team has experienced across all locations," said Heather Ripley, corporate director of human resources at Station Casinos. "We can now save time by interviewing only qualified candidates for current open positions, while building a unified interactive resume bank of all interested candidates."

Station Casinos, consisting of 13 properties with approximately 10,500 employees, is growing dramatically with plans to open several new projects in the near future. The company needed an automatic technology solution to enhance the hiring of large numbers of workers for both hourly and salaried positions.

After extensive consideration, Station Casinos chose JobFlash's bilingual (English and Spanish) interactive telephone service, which automates sourcing, screening, scheduling and paperless hiring through patent-pending voice and Web technology. JobFlash registers candidates via phone with a powerful JobMail(TM) Box that enables them to listen for openings, apply for jobs, check status, update their information, and quickly schedule appointments. JobFlash also offers an onsite Web completion solution for paperless hiring.

In the five months since implementing JobFlash, Station Casinos has received more than 37,000 pre-qualified candidate submissions, with 51 percent via phone and 49 percent through the Internet, and has automatically scheduled some 13,000 qualified applicants for appointments. For more information, please read the Station Casinos' case study at www.jobflash.com.

Research shows that hourly workers constitute over 70 percent of the U.S. workforce, but more than 60 percent of these workers, who make $30,000 or less annually, are not online.

"JobFlash is ideal for employers with a large base of diverse hourly employees. Even employers with Web applicant tracking systems are faced with the reality of the digital divide. With JobFlash, they can extend the power of their hiring system through a phone and kiosk interface to a broader base of qualified and diverse candidates," said Reena Jadhav, chief marketing officer at JobFlash.

Station Casinos joins other prestigious casino brands already utilizing JobFlash, including The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, The Palms Casino Resort, Tropicana Hotel & Casino and The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.

While Voice Recruiting has proven very successful in the casino/hotel, restaurant, and call center industries, any company with a large base of hourly employees can benefit from using this technology.

About JobFlash

Founded in 2002, JobFlash pioneered the Voice Recruiting category, and Human Resource Executive Magazine recognized it in 2003 as offering one of the Top 10 HR Products. JobFlash's service incorporates telephone, Web and kiosk to automate hiring of hourly workers, thereby improving quality per hire while cutting costs. For more information about JobFlash, please visit www.jobflash.com.

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