January 22, 2005

Voice Usage to Rise in Self-Service

Sevenfold Increase Seen In Voice-Based Transaction Apps

Thu Jan 20, 4:42 PM ET

Global spending on voice-enabled technology for conducting self-service commercial transactions is expected to increase sevenfold by the end of the 2008, a market research firm said Thursday.

Annual revenues from the technology are projected to rise to $377 million from $56 million today, Datamonitor said. The most popular transactional voice technologies currently in use include account management, order processing, pay-as-you-go and reservations.

In account management, corporations are mostly using the technology for bill payment provisions, which are proving popular with telephone companies and utilities, Datamonitor said. Reservation applications are finding tremendous traction in the contact center-heavy travel and tourism industry.

Pay-as-you-go is a favorite among mobile carriers, which allow subscribers to add credit to a mobile telephone by using the human voice, the research firm said. Order management has perhaps the most mass-market potential by enabling users to access corporate voice portals and to order goods and services, particularly in the retail sector.

North America and Europe, the Middle-East and Africa are expected to account for 75 percent of the global market by 2008, Datamonitor said. Growth in Asia-Pacific is also expected to be strong, due to voice-business proliferation in Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Posted by Craig at January 22, 2005 05:31 PM