January 25, 2005

Video Gets Indexed

Google takes the next step and starts indexing video.

"Our mission is to help Google users find the information they need, whether it's on the Web, in a library or on TV," said Larry Page, co-founder of the company. "Google Video unlocks the information that streams across our TVs every day. Now users can search the content of TV programs, find the shows that have the information they're looking for, and learn when they can watch them." Google's long-term goal is to offer video playback as well, but it wisely chose to delay that feature -- presumably until rivals like Yahoo and Blinkx, which also offer video search, pick their way across the minefield of broadcast rights.

"It's diplomatic," said Gary Stein, a senior analyst with Jupiter Research. "If they went full bore and said, 'Click here to watch "Good Morning America," ' it would take an industry that's already uneasy with their content being available online and make them even more uneasy. Now that they've got something out there, they can continue negotiations."

Posted by Craig at January 25, 2005 07:21 PM