February 23, 2005

QSR Trends

Quick-Serve Restaurants Likely To Install Kiosks

Source: ePaynews.com

By 2007, US consumers will make USD 330 billion in self-service transactions, up from USD 70 billion in 2003, according to IHL Consulting, and fast-food restaurants are seen as a future self-service market. Food-dispensing kiosks are not yet widely used at the 115,000 fast-food restaurants in the US, but in the next two years quick-serve restaurants are predicted to invest in automating part of their service delivery. Touch-screen kiosks have already been developed to allow QSR customers to order food and to pay with a credit card, bills or coins, before picking up the order at the counter.

Restaurants deploying food-ordering self-service kiosks at their premises typically use an in-built tool to manage the systems food menu either from the same site, or from a remote office. Retail self-service is becoming routine for US consumers, with Kroger reporting 40 per cent of its transactions to be processed at self-checkouts and at Home Depot, this total is 39 per cent, or two out of every five transactions. For the fast-food industry, kiosks can increase revenue by boosting sales at peak hours, facilitating cross- and up-selling opportunities and improving customer service while reducing labor costs.

Posted by Craig at February 23, 2005 04:41 PM