April 08, 2005

Card Printer with Magstripe and SmartCard

Datacard Group Launches New Datacard SP Series card printer

Thursday, April 7 2005

Datacard Group chose the International Security Conference (ISC) West in Las Vegas to unveil its secure ID card printer that, the company says, addresses the security requirements faced by governments, corporations, colleges, and universities. Designed for mid-to-high volume card issuance programs, the printers produces two-sided, full color or monochrome printing. To extend card life, the printer also offers one or two inline laminators.

Datacard Group Unveils Powerful New Datacard SP Series card printer

Las Vegas -- Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, today announced the global launch of the Datacard(R) SP75 card printer at the ISC West Conference and Exposition. This newest installment in the highly successful Datacard(R) SP series card printers offers unprecedented versatility and reliability critical for issuing highly secure, durable cards.

The SP75 card printer efficiently and effectively addresses the complex security requirements faced by government organizations, corporations, colleges and universities. Designed for mid- to high-volume card issuance programs, the versatile SP75 card printer offers two-sided, full-color or monochrome printing and utilizes Datacard(R) Advanced Imaging Technology(TM). To extend card life and add security and durability, issuers have the choice of one or two inline laminators featuring virtual edge-to-edge Datacard(R) DuraGard(R) laminate.

Like all other SP series card printers, Datacard Group offers issuers the flexibility of having optional magnetic stripe encoding and advanced smart card personalization features either factory installed to satisfy immediate needs or field upgraded to meet future requirements.

"Our SP series card printers have had exceptional market acceptance in every region of the world," said Mike Schnaus, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Datacard Group. "We expect the SP75 card printer to satisfy the increasingly complex demands of ID card programs now and in the future," he said.

Datacard Group offers the world's best-selling secure ID and card personalization solutions. The company's portfolio includes systems for high-volume card issuance, card delivery, secure ID issuance and passport production, plus extensive service and supply offerings. Datacard Group serves customers in more than 120 countries (www.datacard.com)


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