April 17, 2005

Virgin Customers Burning Music CDs From Websites

Virgin Megastore customers will be checking out Internet music along with the rest of their CDs this fall.

Virgin Entertainment Group launched a new kiosk service Thursday that will allow in-store customers to burn Internet music onto CDs for purchase.

Customers can download selected tracks from eight popular Internet music sites, and for US$10 walk out with a CD containing 10 tracks of their choosing.

Virgin is launching the new system at the opening of its Columbus, Ohio Megastore 16 July. The plan calls for installing the system in the rest of Virgin's Megastores this fall.

Customers will pick from about 100 tracks found on eight different Internet music sites that have entered an agreement with network and kiosk service, RedDotNet.

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Posted by keefner at April 17, 2005 02:53 AM