June 06, 2005

Photo Kiosk Gaining Wider Acceptance

Nice piece on photo kiosk and digital music download kiosks. Writer uses the McDonalds in Germany proof-of-concept as part of the basis and then coordinates it with photo kiosk numbers from Pixel Magic


Music Download Kiosk
The system in Munich was installed by Contnet AG, a local service company that remotely monitors, diagnoses and changes software for the kiosks via the Internet and a DSL connection. The terminals are subject to vandalism, such as "kids feeding the card slots with slices of pickle or ketchup," according to Thomas Kienbauer, a DTM representative in Germany. However, he feels that this, along with software glitches, is being solved. "In the first three months of operation we had some 18,000 downloads of current music titles without spending a single euro on advertising," he said. Based on the initial success of this test, DTM is planning to expand its placement of kiosks in other non-traditional locations.

Return on investment. Basically the return on investment is Revenue/Costs = (Volume x Price)/Costs. To calculate the potential volume, Briggs cited projections indicating that in 2005 the number of digital prints being made at retail would be 15 percent of the number of prints made from films.

Photo Kiosks
If the daily film volume has been 25 rolls per day, equivalent to 750 4R film prints per day, then you should expect to make 15 percent, or 112 digital prints per dayor 2,800 prints per month. He added that retailers could average 39 per print, so that the anticipated sales would be: 112 prints per day x .39 per print x 25 days per month = $1,092 per month.

PHOTO INDUSTRY REPORTER: Issue 13 Number 8: Photo Imaging Kiosks Gaining Wider Acceptance

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