June 21, 2005

Blue Ribbon Self-Service Kiosks

Article on self-service kiosk awards at KioskCom 2005 where the Burn-A-Song kiosk designed/entered by Kiosk Information Systems and TouchNSurf took first place.


Music to go

The Burn A Song kiosk, designed by Colorado-based Kiosk Information Systems and Los Angeles-based Touch N Surf, resembles a high-tech jukebox on the surface: Users browse music by genre, touch album covers to view offerings by artist, and finally select the songs they want. But while a jukebox simply plays the selected songs, Burn A Song does just what its name implies and spits out a custom-burned CD filled with the purchased tunes.

Its an impressive application, even more so given the licensing requirements for the content being dispensed.

"This is a budding market, and the barriers to entry are high," said company president Shervin Rashti. "It is very difficult to acquire content licensing from the major labels."

According to Rashti, Burn A Song has established a relationship with Billboard, allowing the machine to offer preselected playlists based on those charts.

"This helps us speed the song selection process, and get the user what they need quickly and hassle-free," Rashti said.

The CD that emerges from the kiosk is custom-printed with a color label. While theyre waiting, customers can send video e-mail to a friend. The machine can also be extended with couponing, cross-promotions, and the sale of other digital products like games and ring tones.

"The growth potential for this market is enormous, and will include its own verticals that will revamp the way people get their media," Rashti said. "Very exciting!"

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