June 30, 2005

Vending Self-Service Kiosk Machine for Gameboy Pokemon

In Japan you can now take your re-writable GBA movie card to a vending machine kiosk to get new episodes of Pokemon.

A Japanese company, AM3, has developed a new vending machine kiosk that lets users download movies to their Game Boy Advance. Using their technology, which seems similar to Nintendo's Play-Yan device, consumers have been able to buy anime episodes on SmartMedia cards and play them on their GBAs via a special adaptor.

The company now offers a download kiosk. Users can take their GBA Movie SmartMedia card, insert it (along with a nominal fee) into a vending machine, and download an episode of Pokemon to the card. The card can be re-written, and each kiosk contains eight different episodes.


1. pay with coin
2. insert memory stick
3. press selection buttons (hard vending machine buttons) and it
4. system writes file to your stick
5. pull out stick and be on your way

pretty simple really.

pictures and more

Posted by keefner at June 30, 2005 04:38 PM