July 25, 2005

Computer on a stick

The Computer-On-a-Stick (COS) is a USB Flash Drive featuring its own Onboard Operating System together with a full suite of Microsoft Office-compatible applications. For $149 transform your PC into thin client.

New USB drive comes complete with Linux kernel and can plug into any USB port and becomes own operating system

Use the Computer-On-a-Stick when your PC or Laptops existing OS slows to a crawl or even fails.
Use the Computer-On-a-Stick to continue working on Windows-compatible documents.
The Computer-On-a-Stick is compatible with files created in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, and more
No need to pay for expensive new software releases or upgrades $$$ !
View and create Adobe PDF files
Share a pool of office PCs or work from home without changing your own desktop each time you use the device.
Reduce your exposure to viruses, worms and spyware by running applications from a read-only partition on the device.
Connect to remote servers with secure connectivity tools, including VNC, SSH and RDP.

High Speed (USB 2.0)
Ultra Fast System Startup with USB 2.0
Shutdown within seconds
Web, email and remote server or PC access
Non-volatile Flash memory for all stored data.
Capacities: 256MB, 512MB, 1G, 2G, 4G, up to 8 Gigabytes!
Compression utility with password protection
Option of saving open windows configuration before shutdown
No hard disk required
Linux 2.6.x Series Kernel
Gnome GUI Desktop
Latest Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
OpenOffice Productivity Suite, including the following applications:

1. Word Processing
2. Spreadsheets
3. Vector Drawings
4. Slide Presentations

Evolution Email
GAIM Instant Messaging Client - compatible with MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, AIM, ICQ, IRC, and more.
Remote SSH Access Applications (SSHFS, VNC, RDP)
PDF Creator/Viewer & Postscript Viewer
Automatic Network Configuration - DHCP
PPP Stack providing Dial-out Option

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Posted by keefner at July 25, 2005 03:10 PM