August 27, 2005

Photo Kiosk and Minlab Kiosk Print Data from PMA

Survey Shows Digital Camera Printing Increased 70 Percent: Printing of digital prints of all sizes increased by 70 percent for the year ending June according to the PMA (Photo Marketing Association). Printing at retail kiosk minilabs skyrocketed to 128 percent.

The retail channel accounted for a total of 38.7 percent of prints made in the 12 months ending June. Specifically, 16.9 percent of the prints were made instantly by consumers on a kiosk; 19.1 percent were sent from a kiosk/ordering station to a minilab for printing or customers gave their memory card to a store clerk. Households also ordered 2.8 percent of the total prints online from home or work and later picked them up at a retail location. In addition to these prints ordered online, 8.9 percent of the total prints were ordered online and then mailed back to customers. Home computer printers and small-format consumer photo printers/docking combos accounted for about half of the printing volume in the year ending June, losing 0.9 percentage points of share from the previous month.

Including prints ordered online and picked up at a store, the retail channel accounted for 38.7 percent of the printing volume in the year ending June, a substantial improvement from 26.2 percent in the previous year. Home printing - as a share of total printing - ended the period at 49.6 percent versus 65.0 percent a year ago. Online players have also improved their share in the market from 6.2 percent in the year ending June 2004 to 8.9 percent in the most recent 12-month period.

Traditional film processing continued to decline rapidly in June. For the 12 most recent months total volumes were down 14.6 percent.

For the complete survey, visit the Market Research area of From there, click on Monthly Printing and Camera Trends.

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