November 03, 2005

Kiosk Information Systems - Europe

Kiosk Information Systems, Inc. expands with new office and manufacturing located in Scotland. Not often you see U.S. kiosk companies establishing European facilities to support and grow their client base.

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Thursday, November 3, 2005
By Rick Redding
Snyder Sets Sail

KIS Exec Makes Move to Elevate "Kiosk" Overseas

Pete Snyders been working on his Scottish accent.

In August, the senior executive at Louisville, Colo.-based Kiosk Information Systems packed up his belongings, his wife and business ambition and moved them to Larbert, Scotland, determined to establish Kiosk as the dominant player in kiosk manufacturing outside the United States.

Ill spend the next two months building relationships, Snyder said in a phone interview from Scotland, sounding like a man on a mission. Its a different sales model here. You have to get in front of people, you have to get face time. Its not like the U.S., where you can make a few phone calls and get a deal done.

But Snyder, 62, says that while his European vocation may seem an unusual career move, hes got the enthusiasm and belief system to make Kiosk Information Systems eastern expansion successful. And theres a vast frontier in the kiosk world to explore. Just back from Kiev, Snyder says hell be traveling frequently to the Middle East as well.

Id like to do $2 million to $3 million (in sales) in six months, he said. If I only do $200,000, I'll be disappointed. The kiosk marketplace in Europe is small; there are not a lot of big companies.

KIS, marketing itself in Europe as Kiosk, has established a working relationship with Mack Technologies, which operates a 52,000-square foot manufacturing plant. Snyder is responsible for establishing KIS manufacturing standards in the plant.

There were a lot of factors, but at the end of the day, it made more sense to build here, he said. The deal came together in August. KIS will use Macks manufacturing space and personnel to fill orders for customers in Europe and the Middle East.

KIS, the major kiosk manufacturer in the U.S., had established business outside the U.S. prior to the move to Scotland. But Snyder said customers there want their hardware to be produced in Europe. He thinks the companys success in the U.S. will be duplicated around the world, and can contribute up to 7 percent of KIS' bottom-line revenue.

By stepping into this, I think I became the major player the day I started, he said.

Since KIS European arm will operate as Kiosk, the company is building an extension of its Web site at It also recently acquired the Web domain,, in a deal with Louisville, Ky.-based NetWorld Alliance, according to KIS senior executive Craig Keefner.

The length of Snyders stay in Europe is open-ended. Ill be here until I have set up a viable organization. It should be a year, year and a half, but Im not sure. Its a nice challenge with a lot of excitement. Im a true believer and excited to do it.

And Snyder makes it clear its no sign that hes slowing down.

Im not here to play around.

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