December 07, 2005

Kiosks Keep Drivers Happy

How Swift Transportation is using HR kiosk terminals to help the company serve its mobile workforce.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005
By Rick Redding

Making Swift Work

Drivers Are Happy with new Digital Dashboards

When Swift Transportation drivers arrive at a terminal, the first thing many do is check their digital dashboard at the companys Informer kiosks, where information on paychecks, benefits, log violations and company-provided e-mail is at their fingertips.

Independence is import for our employees, said Lindsey Lundeen, employee communications coordinator at Swift. When youre a mobile employee, you want to have a consistent, accurate resource no matter where you are. For us, its a simple way to keep in touch with a mobile workforce.

Swifts Informer kiosks were installed in August at 38 company-operated terminals and a dozen other locations in 28 states. The 150 kiosks are available to Swifts 23,000 drivers, plus 2,000 non-driver employees, and their popularity is spreading like wildfire within the company.

Lundeen said that in November, there were 98,000 user sign-ons, and that the length of user sessions has increased from 1.2 minutes in the first month of use to 2.14 minutes this month. The kiosks provide information on payroll, benefits, permits, training and safety information, truck repair manuals and parts availability, as well as e-mail, company news, weather, and driving directions.

She said the kiosks solve a number of issues for Swift, not the least of which is retaining a traditionally transient workforce.

If we increase driver retention by one percent, it would pay for itself, she said. At first, some drivers were hesitant to use it, because they thought there was a fee to use it. Now theyre excited to have access to their account information, and they can keep in touch with their family by e-mail.

Kiosk Information Systems of Louisville, Colo. provided hardware and ongoing service, and Netkey of Branford, Conn. supplied the software. Those two companies have a history of success in Human Resources applications, according to KIS territory manager Bob Harlow. Among their joint HR clients are the U.S. Postal Service and the Walt Disney Co.

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