January 15, 2006

Dell Success Story with Kiosks

In a published case study, we learn how Dell hardware and the Dell OEM Industry Solutions Group help KIOSK Information Systems customers help themselves.

Think inside the box

Dell hardware and the Dell OEM Industry Solutions Group help KIOSK InformationSystems customers help themselves

They help you buy tickets, print photos, check e-mail, and pay bills. And better yet, they never talk back. They are kiosks, and the self-service booths made by KIOSK InformationSystems (KIOSK) help whisk customers through lines at airports, amusements parks, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact, the KIOSK kiosks do much more, including supporting human resource functions, offering quick ticketing, accelerating order entry, providing store directories and retail advice, facilitating bill payments, serving up directions, and aiding security at checkpointsall of which have helped propel KIOSK to the top of the kiosk industry.

With a customer roster that includes Pepsi- Cola, McDonalds, FedEx, Wal-Mart, Citibank, Disney, Sony, Borders, Mercedes-Benz, and the United States Postal Service, it is no exaggeration to say that the Louisville, Coloradobased company has become the king of kiosks.

KIOSK now enjoys a significant market sharedespite the fact that the company competes against formidable industry stalwarts IBM and NCR. When asked to describe the success of KIOSK in an industry replete with behemoth competitors, Tom Weaver, vice president of sales and marketing, says, Our competitors tend to rely on the Henry Ford philosophy: customers can have anything they wantas long as it is black. By contrast, we design kiosks based upon what our customers really need. We build everything from the inside out. Typically, we meet with customers, talk to them about functionality, and then give them multiple options for how a kiosk might perform and what it might look like.

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