January 20, 2006

Digital Music Report 2006 - Facts and Figures

Some selected Facts and Figures from the IFPI Report on Music in 2006

The Digital Music Report 2006 - Facts and Figures

19 January 2006

* Record company revenues (trade revenues) reached $US 1.1 billion in 2005 showing a threefold increase on 2004 ($US 380 million).

* Digital music (online and mobile) represents approximately 6% of overall music sales

* Mobile music sales are not far behind online, with revenues roughly split (60-40 as at H1 2005).

* 420 million single tracks were downloaded in 2005 globally - more than double the number downloaded in 2004 (156 million).

US: 353 million single tracks downloaded (up from 143 million) [Nielsen SoundScan]
UK: 26.4 million single tracks downloaded (up from 5.8 million) [OCC]
Germany: estimated 21 million single tracks downloaded (up from 6.4 million) [IFPI Germany]
France: estimated 8 million single tracks downloaded (up from 1.5 million) [SNEP]

* The number of users of subscription services, such as Rhapsody and Napster, increased from 1.5 to 2.8 million globally in 2005.

* Online song catalogues doubled to over 2 million tracks on the major services.

* Globally there are now over 335 legitimate online services, up from 230 in 2004 and 50 two years ago. In Europe alone the number of services reached 200 in 2005, up from 150 in 2004.

* Mobile sales in Japan totalled $US 211 million, or 96% of digital sales in the market, in the first nine months of 2005. Single track downloads reached 4.3 million during the period.

* Mobile phone subscriptions reached 1.5 billion in 2005 - a 50% increase on 2002.

* Globally there is an estimated 70 million subscribers to 3G. Jupiter estimates that by 2010 3G penetration will reach 60% in Europe.

* Satellite radio subscriptions reached over 9 million in the US alone - three times as many as the number of global subscription services users. Over 475 million people globally receive Digital Audio Broadcast services (DAB).

* The number of infringing music files available on the internet at any one time is estimated at 885 million. This is slightly up on January 2005 (870 million) but down compared to June 2005 (900 million). By contrast, broadband uptake rose by 26% in the past year. Total infringing music files are down 20% on the 1.1 billion peak in April 2003.

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