March 04, 2006

Health Info Kiosks Generate Solid ROI: Study

FEBRUARY 28, 2006 -- PORTLAND, Ore. -- Information-hungry consumers are generating 677 percent ROI for retailers deploying information kiosks from Healthnotes, a provider of healthy-living retail marketing solutions, according to an independent controlled study

Health Info Kiosks Generate Solid ROI: Study

Conducted by Wisner Marketing Group (WMG) in 2005, the study shows that by using Healthnotes kiosks retailers can generate increased product sales, improved labor productivity, and increased shopper satisfaction.

"Numerous industry studies have shown that consumers want health and wellness information available where they shop, but many retailers have been reluctant to make the investment without a measurable return," remarked Jim Wisner, WMG president. "This study shows quantitative evidence that retailers can generate a positive return on investment in virtually every situation."

Key findings from the study indicate that complete payback of purchasing the solution, including the hardware required, was obtained after five months of usage and a 677 percent ROI achieved after three years. Most significantly, over 40 percent of the shoppers purchased a product as a direct result of information they had obtained from a Healthnotes kiosk. According to the report, the products purchased covered a wide range of categories across all departments.

Another significant finding: sales of coenzyme Q10, a substance depleted in the body of individuals taking medication to manage hypertension and cholesterol, and one of the topics most frequently accessed by shoppers, increased by more than 20 percent. This strongly reinforces the finding that exposure to the information generated new sales.

"The results of this study prove that employing a health-and-wellness solution like Healthnotes in drug stores and supermarkets is a viable merchandising strategy that generates substantial economic value for retailers," said Dr. Schuyler Lininger, president and c.e.o. of Healthnotes, Inc. "Healthnotes will continue to design solutions that help retailers capitalize on the mainstream growth of health, wellness, self-care, and organics."

Other key findings:

-- More than five hours per week of employees' time was saved from addressing routine customer questions. The majority of time saved came from the pharmacists, making it possible to redirect efforts towards improved productivity and customer service.

-- More than 75 percent of shoppers indicated they found the information useful; 93 percent believe it's important to have the information kiosk in the store.

-- Employees felt the information made a positive contribution to customer care and was complementary to information obtained from their pharmacists.

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