March 22, 2006

Preview of Upcoming Kiosk Show

Get a preview of the self-service kiosks you will see at upcoming kiosk tradeshow in Vegas

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Self-Service KIOSK Information
March 22, 2006

Preview of KioskCom Trade Show, New KIOSK Company branding, and new products.

KioskCom, the big show is upon us and so we'll travel to sunny Las Vegas. To round out our preparation for the show a day of relaxing golf is scheduled on Sunday. The KIOSK Arnold Palmer Invitational will be held Sunday the 9th and we have a few slots available. If interested please send email to info at or call KIOSK and ask for Craig. Enjoy a little golf (you never know who you might meet..) and get ready for the show.

And now an advance preview of the great transactional kiosks you can see at the tradeshow.

Car Rental Check-In Kiosk
Recently USA Today noted Alamo is deploying touchscreen kiosks for customer check-in. The kiosks, the industry's first, enable customers to do the rental transaction with a swipe of a credit card and driver's license. Process time is cut in half, to about 2½ minutes.

We'll have the Alamo in our booth and in Nanonation's. Also, this kiosk is one of the whistle-stops in the KioskCom Tech Tour (visiting kiosks in actual operation at McCarran).

Amtrak Ticketing Kiosk
The Amtrak ticketing station is a model of standards compliance. Amtrak faced the challenge of providing its customers a fully ADA-compliant ticketing kiosk as well as meeting new VISA PED and 3DES requirements, UL-certification and the station built for heavy duty-cycle transactions.

Unless you travel on Amtrak (or visit us in Colorado), don't miss the opportunity to see the Amtrak kiosk. We also acknowledge our partner SITA.

Shelby County Trustee Tax Pay Kiosk
The Shelby County Trustee has made it a priority to offer taxpayers convenient methods to access tax information and to pay taxes. You can pay by credit card or pay by personal check.

These units are in the +50% ROI percentile after only two years. Shelby County is an awards finalist in three categories (the most by any unit).

Swift Human Resource Kiosk

The Swift Informer kiosks provide drivers, mechanics and other employees with secure online access to payroll, benefit, permit, training and safety information, truck repair manuals and parts availability, as well as e-mail, company news, weather and directions. Software by Netkey.

Come see the Swift HR kiosk which will be in Netkey's booth right across from us!

KIOSK in Europe Now!

It's worth noting that our top sales executive Pete Snyder has turned diplomat and is now the Managing Director of our brandnew UK/European operations which include sales, manufacturing, service and support. Shipping logistics simplified, certifications assured, and enhanced support for existing and new customers.

For contact information visit our European kiosk homepage

Do It Yourself (DIYC) Market Communications

Wouldn't it be nice if everybody lined up to listen to what you said?

If you are Tiger Woods and shoot in the 60's every day, that's one way of doing it yourself. But don't forget, even Tiger has a coach...

KIOSK works with the most capable partners in the self-service world, and we all know that sometimes it is not enough to have the best written application or product; you have to communicate that to the market. For our OEM partners it can come down to:

* How do I increase visibility on Google?
* What about newsletters and blogs?
* Why it is that Google doesn't rank you higher or consider you news?
* How is the best way to approach tradeshows?
* What is the cost effective approach to advertising online or in magazines?
* How do you attain maximum exposure at the lowest possible cost??

KIOSK helps publicize our OEM and Software partners and helps you attain greater visibility on the Internet. For our product-oriented and vending-related partners this visibility is important.

KIOSK now has a KIOSKiNFO™ brief detailing specific tips you will find useful to know about the Internet is now available to our partners (and clients). Send your request to info at

Has our name always been KIOSK??

You may have noticed our logo has changed. For the full story
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