July 13, 2006

Will Call Ticket Kiosks In Cincinnati

Tickets-com-kiosks-100pix.jpgWill Call Ticket Kiosks -- Starting tonight, fans who ordered tickets in advance will swipe their credit cards at a kiosk to print the tickets.

Source: Dayton Daily News

CINCINNATI — The Reds have launched new will-call ticket kiosks in Crosley Terrace at the main entrance to Great American Ball Park.

They will be in use for all home games, beginning tonight against the Colorado Rockies.

How does it work?

If you purchase Reds tickets in advance on the Internet (at reds.com or mlb.com) or by telephone (513-381-REDS and 877-647-REDS) and plan to pick them up at the stadium, the tickets will be available at the kiosks rather than at the traditional will-call window.

At the kiosks, fans must swipe the original credit card used for the purchase, then the tickets will be printed. If multiple-game ticket orders exist, fans can print all tickets at the same time or select an option to print tickets for the particular game they are attending.

Two hours prior to game time, kiosks will print tickets only to that day's game to speed fans' admission into GABP.

What's the benefit?

"The kiosks not only will allow fans easier entry to the game, they will allow additional ticket windows to be used for day-of-game sales," Reds COO John Allen said.

Can you print tickets?

Yes. When purchasing tickets at reds.com, you can use the "print tickets at home" option.

A valid bar-coded ticket is printed on the home or business printer and is read by scanners at the gates. This feature allows fans to enter the ballpark as they would with any other advance ticket.
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