August 17, 2006

Healthnotes, Inc. Launches the Healthnotes LiveConnect Retail Consumer Marketing Network for kiosks

Healthnotes, Inc., the leading provider of healthy living retail marketing solutions, today announced the release of Healthnotes LiveConnect, a global, in-store consumer marketing network of touchscreen kiosks, designed specifically for supermarket, pharmacy, and natural product retailers.

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LiveConnect offers retailers an efficient and cost-effective way to successfully manage and optimize multi-store deployments of Healthnotes Connect(TM), a storewide healthy living marketing solution that guides consumers at the point of decision, while providing critical consumer insights to shape marketing and merchandising strategies.

A secure networking solution, Healthnotes LiveConnect offers expanded features and functionality to Healthnotes in-store solutions:

-- Provides actionable business intelligence: gain insights into consumer interests and behavior, store-level to chain-wide, with on-demand reporting and analytics

-- Enables timely marketing programs: market directly to consumers in-store with ongoing, automated delivery of targeted ads and promotions consumers can print and redeem at checkout

-- Enhances seasonal merchandising calendars: dynamic, rotating lifestyle features and sponsored advertorials delivered chain-wide

-- Reduces time and cost for managing Healthnotes Connect implementations:

-- Healthnotes monitors and manages systems remotely for
maximum uptime with minimal impact on IT or store-level

-- Regular reporting on system and network health; systems
are capable of self-healing

-- Automated, silent, and hassle-free delivery of
application, content, and promotion updates to all

Healthnotes developed LiveConnect leveraging best-in-class technology from Esprida(TM), a leading provider of remote management solutions. Secure, Java(TM)-based, and compatible with a broad range of IT infrastructures, LiveConnect is designed as an enterprise solution to manage Healthnotes systems in thousands of retail locations worldwide.

"LiveConnect enables retailers to provide their customers the ultimate shopping experience," said Dr. Schuyler Lininger, Healthnotes president and CEO. "Weekly promotions and seasonal merchandising combined with relevant, up-to-date product information -- including recipes, foods, OTCs, vitamins, herbs, and more -- help consumers confidently make decisions in-store, driving high-margin product sales and increasing customer loyalty storewide."

"We are excited to provide Healthnotes with software that enhances its LiveConnect offering to retailers," said Anila Jobanputra, president of Esprida Corporation. "Both companies have a reputation for providing superior products and services, and with the tools that Esprida provides, Healthnotes retail customers gain new functionality that will improve their operational efficiencies and enhance the consumer experience in-store."

About Healthnotes Connect(TM)

Healthnotes Connect is a comprehensive storewide marketing solution that enables retailers to capitalize on the mainstream growth of health, wellness, self-care, and organics by educating and guiding customers at the point of decision. Healthnotes Connect delivers health and wellness product information, lifestyle articles, and targeted advertising and promotions to consumers via interactive touchscreen kiosks. The result is dramatic improvement in sales, customer loyalty, and workforce productivity that directly impacts a retailer's bottom line.

About Healthnotes, Inc.

Healthnotes, Inc. was founded in 1987 on the premise that informed consumers become loyal customers. Healthnotes drives more than 50 million consumer visits annually across thousands of retail locations and Web sites worldwide, including six of the top seven U.S. grocery retailers. Healthnotes solutions empower consumers to make educated decisions and drive product sales, both in-store and online. Visit for more information.

About Esprida Corporation

Esprida is an innovator in the development of device management solutions. Esprida offers an enterprise solution that enables businesses to manage and control networks of devices in diverse locations from a web browser. Esprida Enterprise(TM) delivers device-generated intelligence and device-oriented analytics to maximize availability, enhance the user experience, increase revenue and transform business strategies and operations. Esprida Corporation is a privately held company with offices in the U.S. and Canada.

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