August 29, 2006

Las Vegas Ticketing Software for online and kiosks

Livewire Lights Up Las Vegas Ticketing. Lower ticket prices and increased customer convenience are driving factors.

York, PA—August 21, 2006—Livewire International, Inc. announced today that its TicketEngineÔ self-service and web-based ticketing system has been implemented by Dan Showsm VIP, a Las Vegas company that produces THE DAN SHOW: VEGAS television show, self-hosted by Dan Sherbondy.

Dan Showsm VIP self-serve ticketing kiosks were recently deployed throughout Las Vegas tourist areas, along highways leading to Las Vegas and in areas frequented by locals, such as convenience stores. This self-serve ticketing system offers a wide selection of entertainment choices, including shows such as Carrot Top, Penn and Teller, and Mama Mia, and adventure activities including helicopter tours. Customers may also place themselves on nightclub guest lists and buy and print tickets to multiple clubs. Secondary displays, driven by the kiosks, present multimedia previews of shows to enhance the customer buying experience.

In addition to the kiosks, Livewire is hosting the Dan Showsm VIP ticketing web site (, providing the convenience of print-at-home tickets for patrons. An affiliate program is incorporated to allow cab drivers, limo drivers, retailers and other individuals to enjoy a ‘piece of the action’ by directing customers to the kiosks and entering a promotion code or providing links to the Dan Showsm Tickets web site.

Mr. Sherbondy likes to do things “in his own gutsy way”, similar to his television show that showcases hidden camera tricks and other ‘extreme, sexy, and fun’ things to do in Las Vegas. In his search for a partner to create and develop his ticketing system, Sherbondy was looking for a company with experience in delivering tickets via an array of distribution methods and also had the means to support a variety of unique features within the self-service kiosks and web site. Dan found what he needed in Livewire. “Livewire is a boring, but brilliant technology company”, he says, referring, in his typical comedic style, to the company’s robust product offering that “just works”.

David McCracken, Livewire’s President said, “We’re excited to enter the Las Vegas market, and continue the growth of our self-service ticketing and content management network. In particular, this system is another opportunity to showcase the wide variety of technologies we have incorporated in self-service products, web-based ticketing, digital signage, and remote management.”

About Livewire International, Inc.

Livewire is an award-winning leader in interactive technology based in York, Pennsylvania. Livewire, a Microsoft Certified Partner, specializes in self-service solutions including ticketing, gift card dispensing, gift registries, electronic concierge, and human resource portals. Livewire provides integration into a multitude of delivery devices such as kiosks, ATMs, and handheld devices, while providing the ability to remotely monitor each device and manage the content available from each unit. Livewire provides The Power to Connect. Visit or for more information, or call us toll-free at 877-595-4675.

Posted by keefner at August 29, 2006 01:02 PM