August 29, 2006

ZOOX Stations, Inc. launches “ZAZOOX” Plug & Play Game Café

ZOOX Stations is formally launching the first turnkey pay-for-use game café at A.M.O.A. in Las Vegas on September 28, 2006. It’s an exciting turning point for the industry, providing operators distributors, and location owners an affordable venue to tap into the $500M online gaming market.

ZAZOOX is a high-performance self-serve game station loaded with many of the most popular titles marketed by PlayStation™, X-Box™, and a host of other top tier developers. Games including Halo. Counter-Strike™: Source™, Half-Life, and others, not only meet the standards of today’s sophisticated local machine gamers, but also accommodate the massive on-line gaming market. Internet access with quick links to popular sites like MySpace, Google, and Yahoo, provides an additional tier of solid pay-for-use revenue.

“ZAZOOX is designed to address stringent operator ROI concerns by efficiently delivering the fast-paced criteria advanced gamers demand,” said Rick Malone, President of ZOOX Stations. “The bar has been raised in home gaming, and it’s time for a paid game station that fully leverages the popularity of these releases. ZAZOOX maximizes game play revenue with a library of over twenty high-end games that can be played individually, in local competition mode, or online. Multi-Player Online Gaming (MPOG) is a market that is expected to reach $2B by 2007, and we’ve built an incredibly attractive access point. While forging this new market space has been challenging, I’d say we’ve been very successful in effectively increasing operator market share and profit opportunity.”

ZOOX Stations has over 300 custom-branded self-serve café stations already purchased and being rolled out to Army bases throughout the U.S. and Germany. “Initial field stations have been in place since January and have been exceptionally well-received,” said Malone. “The Army Recreation Program (ARMP) has indicated aggressive expansion plans this year, which obviously speaks well to the station’s adoption, performance, and ROI.”

Based on a first-class PC platform, ZAZOOX is easy to service and comes loaded with remote monitoring and sales reporting. Down the road, new titles and site links can be inexpensively added to the same interface / platform, providing a unique level of hardware longevity. “In addition to leveraging multiple games and interactive Internet, ZOOX Stations is banking on the extended play and intensely competitive arena provided by on-line gaming,” said Malone. “Given the continued rise in on-line and home gaming popularity, it’s a completely natural extension to provide this caliber of entertainment in a self-serve environment.”

About ZOOX Stations, Inc.:

ZOOX Stations manufactures & designs cutting edge entertainment and gaming platforms. The library of games includes titles from Microsoft, Valve, Ubisoft and other leading developers. Products are completely turnkey, but are available in custom branded configurations. Complete installation, service, remote sales reporting, and activity tracking is provided. Call
1-888-661-1697 for more information, or visit

ZOOX Stations, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of KIOSK Information Systems. KIOSK is the world leader in design, manufacturing, service and support of indoor and outdoor kiosks, public Internet stations and other electronic self-service informational terminals. KIOSK is the OEM manufacturer of self-service terminals for Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sony Photo, US Transportation Security Administration, and many others. For more information, visit

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