September 16, 2006

Philly Ticket Firm Takes on Ticketmaster

ComcastTIX takes over some ticketing venues from Ticketmaster in the Philly area.

Kioskcom Blog � Philly Ticket Firm Packs on the Perks

Kiosk vendors eyeing the growing ticketing industry should take note of a new Philadelphia company that’s taken over some local venues, having replaced Ticketmaster’s system with its own.

ComcastTIX ownership promises more services to event-goers, such as packaging parking and concessions with a ticket purchase. It will also profile users in order to provide special offers based on past purchases, discounts to certain shows, and an easy way for ticketholders to exchange tickets with others by e-mail.

It all points to the complexities — and marketing opportunities — present in the ticketing business. Kiosks are just one of the many technology advancements being used in the industry, and there are plenty of venues, from ballparks to concert halls, in the market for a better way to service customers.

Posted by keefner at September 16, 2006 05:01 PM