October 03, 2006

Game Events: Bakers Dozen from around the world

Lots of things going on in the world of game.

  • EA finally completes purchase of DICE for $24M. The next game from EA and DICE will be the PC shooter Battlefield 2142, which is set to ship in North America on October 17. No next-gen console plans for the game have been announced.

  • Iranian game designers and Kuma going back and forth. In May it was reported that an Iranian student-made game under development had players rescuing an Iranian nuclear scientist from US forces. The next month, US-based Kuma Reality Games announced Assault on Iran, Pt. 3: Payback in Iraq, a follow-up of sorts in which it was stated that the fictional scientist had defected.

    Now the Iranian development community appears to be firing back with another game. A Reuters article citing the daily paper Jomhouri-ye Eslami is reporting that a new Iranian PC game requires players to blow up a US tanker in the Persian Gulf, blocking the sea route for a substantial portion of the world's oil supplies.

  • London Games Festival -- The week-long London Games Festival began today and will be the home until Sunday to events such as the Game Developers Conference London, the HMV Games Showcases, Game/Play, and the Artful Gaming Exhibition.

  • Steam-based games and WOW on Linux -- on Saturday was the release by CodeWeavers of the first public beta of CrossOver 6.0, with support for World of Warcraft and other "steam-based" games such as Half Life 2 and Counterstrike.

  • Burger King goes embedded -- Today, McDonald's rival Burger King officially announced a campaign that takes a different tack to a gaming tie-in. Instead of offering toys that evoke games and promote activity, the fast-food chain is going to offer three Xbox and Xbox 360 games of its own this holiday season, each of them slathered with Burger King branding like so much mayonnaise on a Double Whopper with cheese.

    Posted by keefner at October 3, 2006 07:39 AM