October 10, 2006

Elo TouchSystems Releases Touchscreen Drivers for Linux and Mac

El TouchSystems released new set of drivers for touchscreens today including Linux and Mac. These include USB and Serial. Also XPe.


New Drivers Complement Elo’s Extensive Range of Flexible Offerings

October 2006 – Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology and a division of Tyco Electronics Corporation, has developed a new range of touch drivers for both Linux and Mac OS X. These new offerings complement Elo’s already extensive range of touch drivers for Windows, Macintosh and legacy operating systems such as DOS and OS/2.

According to Software Engineering Manager, Peter Studt, Elo now has the most comprehensive and flexible family of touch drivers in its market segment. “We are committed to the design and development of contemporary drivers to support all versions of current and future operating systems; in fact, any and all solutions that add value to our customer’s interface with touch technology,” says Studt.

The Driving Range
Elo offers touch drivers for a complete range of operating systems.
· Full Microsoft Windows support including Windows XP, XP Embedded (XPe), 2000 and CE
· Legacy Windows operating system support including Windows NT, 98, 95, 3.x and ME
· Three levels of Linux support
· Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x
· Legacy OS (OS/2, DOS, Unix, QNX, SUN and other Unix drivers)
Drivers are available with serial and/or USB touch interface (where supported).

Three Tiers for Linux
Elo’s new Linux drivers are offered in three tiers:
Open/Public: This public driver was developed and is maintained by the Linux community. The developer/end-user is free to modify the driver and is responsible for the support/development of the software. It is ideal for customers who build their own systems.
Custom/Kernel: This unique and stable driver is designed, supported and modified by Elo. This is the perfect system for customers who require an “out-of-the-box” solution.
Unified: This is a blend of Open/Public and Custom/Kernel and is ideal for customers that wish to modify the code but have limited resources.

In-house Development
“Elo produces its core driver software in-house,” Elo Director of Product Management, Michael Bartelmess, confirms. “And this gives us a distinct advantage that we pass along in the quality and consistency of our products to value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators (SIs) and, finally, the end-users themselves.”

By producing touchmonitors, the touchscreen technology within the monitors and the software drivers for the touch function, Elo is able to optimise the functionality of the total solution. It also gives customers a single point of contact to resolve any potential conflicts.
“Our in-depth knowledge of driver operation is a must for effective technical support,” adds Bartelmess. ”It also gives us the flexibility to develop custom solutions and the ability to quickly add features and address any problems. In addition, we are able to ensure a commonality between drivers produced for the various operating systems.” Bartelmess believes that this unique in-house development, combined with the company’s innate innovation and customer-centric commitment, ensures that VARs and SIs find Elo touch drivers far easier to integrate, support and sell, saving them time and money. “It also makes life easier for the end-user,” Bartelmess explains, “because our products are far easier to use.”

About Elo TouchSystems
Elo TouchSystems, global leader in touch technology, is a division of Tyco Electronics Corporation. Elo develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of touch products that simplify the interface between people and computers in both public access and employee-activated applications. Founded in 1971, the company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with manufacturing sites in the United States, Belgium, Brazil, China, and Japan (Elo operates in Japan under the name of Touch Panel Systems). For more information on Elo TouchSystems’ products and services, call +32 16 35 2100 in Europe or visit our web site at www.elotouch.co.uk

About Tyco Electronics
Tyco Electronics, a business segment of Tyco International Ltd., is the world’s largest passive electronic components manufacturer; a leader in cutting edge wireless components, complete power systems, and premise wiring components and systems; and a provider of critical communications systems to the Land Mobile Radio industry. Tyco Electronics provides advanced technology products from over forty well known and respected brands, including Agastat, Alcoswitch, AMP, AMP NETCONNECT, Buchanan, CII, CoEv, Critchley, Elcon, Elo TouchSystems, M/A COM, Madison Cable, OEG, Potter & Brumfield, Raychem, Schrack and Simel. For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com


XP/2000 Universal

XP Embedded USB

Linux Unified USB

Linux Unified Serial

GPL Linux

PowerMac. OSX10.4

iMac, G3 and G4. Mac OS 9 or 9.1

Main download page for ELO

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