October 17, 2006

Digital Jukeboxes go Interactive

Jeep has recently launched a funky sales campaign, one that now includes digital jukeboxes created by San Francisco-based Ecast.

The auto manufacturer has been spinning an urban-inspired, fresh blitz across print and television, one that includes bobblehead dolls and heavy hip-hop beats. In bars and restaurants, digital jukebox users are being offered an interactive experience that places the Jeep Compass at the center of the action. After purchasing a track, the jukebox allows the buyer to customize the SUV with different colors, wheel trims and sound systems. Jeep also captures a user email address in the process.

The campaign is a rather novel experiment for both Ecast and Jeep, though early results seem positive. On Monday, Ecast reported that 8.3 percent of song purchasers are opting into the Jeep customization process, and the average stay is 53 seconds. Meanwhile, over 3,000 users are leaving their contact information every week. "This is our first foray into place-based, digital media networks ― and we are very happy with the initial results," said Jay Kuhnie, director of Jeep Communications. The campaign, which involves about 8,000 jukeboxes across the United States, is the first between Ecast and an automotive manufacturer. Advertising agency PHD helped to thread the deal for Jeep.


Posted by staff at October 17, 2006 10:49 AM