November 10, 2006

Lucidiom Photo Kiosk Software Wins Award

Vienna, Virginia, USA, November 8, 2006 – Lucidiom’s APM ProfitWatcher Dashboard won a 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. Lucidiom's web-based reporting tool lets retailers know exactly how their photo kiosks are performing and where and how customers will spend powerful purchasing dollars.

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The Innovations Design and Engineering Awards program recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics products in 30 categories. Lucidiom’s APM ProfitWatcher Dashboard was named an Innovations Honoree within the Retail Resource category. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade press to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products.

“The APM ProfitWatcher Dashboard is unique in the marketplace. No other photo kiosk research can drill down to the specific retailer level,” commented Lucidiom President Stephen Giordano Jr. “Only macro data has been available to this point. With Lucidiom, the retailer knows not just how in general photo kiosks perform in a specific area of the world, but how his specific kiosks are performing and what his specific customers prefer.”

Lucidiom photo kiosks report information contained on a consumer’s media card to Lucidiom’s APM Network. The network then can tell the retailer which cameras his customers use, which media cards they use, when they take pictures, how many do they take, are the pictures over-exposed or under-exposed, do the pictures have red-eye, and numerous other data points. The data is analyzed through Lucidiom’s APM ProfitWatcher and then presented on the Dashboard in simple and easy-to-understand charts and graphs for the retailer. The retailer than can implement the knowledge gained from the Dashboard to make inventory decisions, new marketing campaigns, new store designs, new upsell promotions, and other key business choices.

With the Dashboard, retailers can compare how their kiosk data compares to the industry norms. For example, from published research reports, the industry knows the market share of the top 10 camera-makers. When compared to Lucidiom’s APM Network data, a retailer can see how certain cameras draw attendees back to his store. In 2006, Lucidiom’s data showed that Canon and Nikon were the strongest in bringing customers back into the store, while camera-makers with home printing solutions such as Kodak and HP had less of their camera owners coming back into the retail environment for prints. By analyzing data like this with the Dashboard, a retailer can determine which new cameras he might sell in order to get recurring business.

The retailer also can find out through the Dashboard, for instance, that 80 percent of his customers have 64k media cards. The lower the data capacity of the card, the fewer pictures the customer can take, and the less pictures the customer takes, the less he/she prints. Thus, the retailer learns from the Dashboard to offer discounts on higher capacity cards, so his customers take more pictures and, in turn, print more photos.

The Dashboard will be released to Lucidiom retail clients in spring 2007. CES attendees can preview its capabilities during the show at Lucidiom’s meeting room in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #35362, and at the Innovations booth in the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

During CES, attendees also can experience Lucidiom’s Automated Photo Machines (APMs) and print their digital photos for free at eight APMs located in the LVCC at the entrances to North 1, Central 2 and South 3 and within the Concierge Center in the LVCC Silver Lot. The APMs work with any digital media and print photos, custom cards, enlargements and more in less than two minutes.

About Lucidiom
Lucidiom Inc. is the leading provider of flexible and brand-independent photo kiosk solutions. With OEM and independent retail clients around the globe, Lucidiom is the cornerstone of the “Go Beyond” digital photography movement, encouraging and enabling retailers to push past the revenue dip caused by decreasing film sales and establish profitable and varied photo category offerings. Lucidiom’s innovative solutions, all connected via the APM Network, include the APM photo kiosk, Luci, ProfitWatcher statistics tracker and Print Station job management system. For more information about how Lucidiom solutions are helping retailers develop their digital image-based revenue streams, visit

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