November 20, 2006

Alamo Launches New Rental Kiosks

Alamo Rent A Car has instituted a new self-service kiosk system at select locations that is aimed at speeding up the time spent getting your rental car.

Alamo Launches New Rental Kiosks - Luxury Travel

Similar to what is found at most airline check-in counters, the touch-screen kiosk allows any customer with a valid driver's license, major credit card and an existing reservation to skip the rental counter and check in directly at the kiosk.

The customer can then review rental information, upgrade to a larger car class, add additional drivers, and purchase option items such as GPS units, Liability Damage Waiver (LDW), and pre-paid gasoline.

After a customer agrees to the terms and conditions, a receipt-sized rental agreement is printed from the kiosk and the customer is directed to the rental car on the lot. At the exit booth, the customer simply shows the booth agent the rental agreement and driver's license and then drives away.

Alamo Rent A Car kiosk [photo: Vanguard Car Rental USA Inc]Alamo tested the new kiosks in the Dallas, Las Vegas and Jacksonville, Florida, airport rental locations, and as of this month, kiosks will also be available to customers at the Orlando, Detroit, Denver and Los Angeles airport rental counters. The company forcasts that airport counters in Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, St. Louis, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco and Atlanta will all have kiosks by March.

This new service and the online check-in system instituted last year both serve to enhance the car rental experience by allowing the customer to skip the long lines at the counters. During the upcoming peak Holiday season, I think this could be an asset to the traveling experience. I mean, who really wants to wait in line for a rental car after sitting on a plane for a few hours?

"Self-service eliminates one more hassle from family travel," agrees Jerry Dow, Alamo's chief marketing officer. "Customers are already comfortable using the check in kiosk for flights, using a self-service kiosk for car rental is a natural progression."

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Posted by staff at November 20, 2006 02:59 PM